DIY Grated Backdrops (+where to buy them)

I have loads of examples of DIY grated backdrops, signage and décor pinned all over my Pinterest at the moment and I just love the contemporary look of it, how versatile it is, and seeing how different couples are adding their own styling to it.

So versatile, grated backdrops can be used for so many things on your wedding day! And the nature of the crisscross metal means it’s so easy to add décor and up-style them; fishing wire or cable ties are so easy to work with on these! I do love these as quite modern minimalist pieces, but the styling additions are endless too – from flowers to neon to stationery; grated backdrops are an easy blank canvas for such a modern look.

The easiest and most effective use for these is probably for your table plan or any signage, but I’ve seen them styled as donut walls, screens, photobooth backdrops, polaroid photo walls, and even as epic ceremony backdrops! Just add signage, neon, flowers, balloons or streamers as desired!



I love this look so much that I actually used grated backdrops as part of one of my stands at a wedding fair I did last year. I had such limited floor space allocation that it was such a super easy way for me to display everything I wanted to, brand wise. See below!

So I wanted to share with you where I got them and how I achieved my look!



Gridwall Mesh Panels

The first trick is the actual grated backdrop itself – and then you’re 90% there! From my days working in head office retail, I was only too familiar with these unfortunately! Your key search on Google (or eBay) should be ‘POS gridwall mesh’. The best price I found was on UKPOS, but bear in mind you need to buy the ‘panel’, and also ‘legs’ to attach if you would like yours to stand freely somewhere on it’s own. I found some other companies that sold them both together, which may obviously be somewhat easier, but the ones I found on UKPOS at the time (2019) were by far the best option of sizes, cheapest, and least costly delivery (considering they weigh a fair amount – since they’re metal).

These are the links to the two specific components I bought:

My whole order inc delivery + VAT cost under £90 (in 2019).



I actually quite like the metal and black looks these come in, however for my stand (photo above) I spray painted my backdrop a pale pink colour in line with my branding. Any spray paint for metal will do the job, but if you are using a lighter colour, you’ll need at least 2 coats to cover the chrome.

This is the link to the spray paint I bought though:



Where do I start! The list is endless! Your florist can fashion something amazing, or if you want to DIY it, take a look at my recommended shopping lists page on my website (screen shot below) for direct links to lots of fun cost effective things on Amazon and beyond that you could use for styling. From balloons to palm leaves to pom poms to fairy lights!

This is the link to the palm leaves I used though:


Styling Ideas

If you’re inspired but would like to have some more fun thinking up what you could do with your gridwall panels, take a look at my Pinterest where where I’ve already got loads of ideas waiting for you!



Good luck, and if you need a hand, don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

I am wedding planner based in Walthamstow, and offer various pick + mix planning services to help you create the dream day you want, your way, but with my help. I specialise in bespoke, fun, and flexible event design + management. I am also a dry hire pro and on the day coordination whizz 👋🏼


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