You’ve Postponed: Next Steps + Wedding Insurance

So you’ve postponed your wedding – now what? Next steps… for now.  I hope to do a 2021 update on this in early January, once we know how winter goes with Covid, but I’ve jotted down some thoughts and notes below that you may want to consider if you have already postponed your wedding to the coming months for winter 2020 or early 2021.

Although restrictions are always subject to change, and no one really knows what the next week, month or year has in store, it will pay to be prepared – even just mentally.  As, unfortunately, at the moment it’s not looking like ceremonies or receptions above 30 people (which includes suppliers) will go ahead within 2020.  I heard on the news that the rule of 6, and max of 30 for weddings, is estimated to be in place until at least the end of the year.

(I had two weddings left still hoping to go ahead with 80+ guests for Dec 2020, and one of those has just rescheduled – prompting this post.)


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Next steps, for now: 

  1. Even if all restrictions are lifted, be prepared that older or more ‘at risk’ guests may not want to come to your wedding or may not feel safe to do so.
  2. Get in touch with your venue(s) and ask if they have an official statement and how they are working around the restrictions at the moment, and what measures they currently have in place (track and trace, how will that work for your wedding, etc). 
  3. If your wedding is soon and within all legal restrictions, update this info from your venue(s) on your wedding website and/or inform your guests so they feel comfortable and are aware of how things will work on the day.
  4. Ask what your venue(s) would advise if there is another spike come your wedding date – i.e. will they let you pencil in a backup date?  And when/how/free of charge? However please bear in mind that they are people as well as businesses, just trying to make ends meet and pay their staff, too. (FYI: A lot of venues are working on an immediate case by case basis for postponements, looking at, say, the immediate two months ahead only. As, realistically, that might be the only way they can help those most in need fairly, and stay in business. And they likely won’t let you have two dates held at the same time at no extra charge or without an additional holding fee, as that’s a potential lost sale for them otherwise – that could otherwise keep them afloat. However ask if it’s possible to pencil any dates, and if they can let you know if they get an enquiry for that date.)
  5. Check all your contracts with all your suppliers for their postponement and cancellation policies.  Most importantly is your venue and caterer – as those are likely to be your largest single costs. Some may not be able to let you postpone for a second time, or may not have any availability, or may be forced to add an additional booking fee etc. Please don’t hold this against them if this is the case, as their rent, building charges, liability insurance, staff costs, software costs, etc still continue, even though their revenue has stopped (just like everyone else). I.E. They now have revenue of less than one year to cover over two years of business rates, costs, etc.
  6. Try to be kind to your suppliers… we’re all going through a pretty 💩 time right now, and we’re mostly all self employed and are struggling to pay our rents and mortgages as it is. Many suppliers may not feasibly be able to honour the same costs as when you orginally signed up with them (which could well be some 2-3 years ago now), as it may put them at risk of going out of business completely. But we’re here for you, and all we want is to help and get back to working weddings again.
  7. Bear in mind supplier availability for 2021 is very limited now already ☹️
  8. Be mindful that weddings of up to 30 people can legally go ahead as it stands (15.09.20), so postponing or cancelling would be your choice at this time, rather than a forced action under lockdown rules or a force majeure.
  9. Get wedding insurance if you don’t already have some **This website lists companies who are still offering new insurance policies at the moment **. More on wedding insurance below…
  10. Keep an eye on the current goings on and updates to current legislation via the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign set up by the amazing team at Love My Dress here
  11. Ask yourself:  What are the most important things about the wedding day you had planned?  And would you still be willing to go ahead with it under any restrictions/current restrictions?  Maybe you have waited long enough, and perhaps you are just really looking forward to getting hitched to your beau?  Or is the party aspect a really important factor?  Imagine an intimate wedding vs a larger scale celebration, and see if you could picture yourselves doing either, or both. 
  12. Remind yourself you are not alone, and it’s ok to feel a bit 💩 about the whole situation. If you have any concerns, the main thing is to open communication channels with your suppliers for a start.


** N.B. RE Wedding Insurance: 

Most policies (old or new), will never cover you for Covid, but usually (but not always) will cover: 

  • Your costs to book new suppliers, should you move your wedding date and your original suppliers are not available on your new date.
  • If one of your suppliers goes bust between now and your wedding…
  • However do always check your policy wording thoroughly though before signing up, to see what is and isn’t covered.
  • As above, be mindful that weddings of up to 30 people can legally go ahead as it stands (15.09.20), so postponing or cancelling would be your choice at this time, rather than a forced action under lockdown rules or a force majeure.


So sorry again if you are having to navigate this horrible year while also planning or re-planning your wedding. 

Please support the wedding industry (which in turn allows us to support you and lobby our MPs on your behalf for you to be able to have the wedding you want) by following the #WhatAboutWeddings campaign online, on Instagram, and on Twitter. 

We will get through this – your suppliers are here for you and we’re doing our very best to all help ❤️


Please note: all of the above wedding postponement advice is my personal opinion and experience, and not any formal or legal advice.


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