Supplier Spotlight – Nat Raybould, Humanist Celebrant

Having known Nat as a humanist celebrant in the industry for a while and also being lucky enough to work with her for an intimate zoom wedding this summer, I couldn’t wait to get her lined up on the blog!

She has creativity, compassion, humour, and kindness in bounds and is such a joy to follow on instagram; I love our insta chats so much and I knew she would make for an entertaining read on the blog!

So, here’s Nat, to tell you herself about her and her biz in my latest Supplier Spotlight!


humanist celebrant Nat Raybould


Please introduce yourself: 

Hi! I’m Nat, and I am a Humanist wedding celebrant. My ceremonies centre you, my couples: and because they are built from scratch to reflect you, they are unique, jam-packed with personality. You may want to include romantic elegance, urban chic or plenty of fart jokes: my rule is, if it is authentically YOU, then let’s go for it! In the past year I have written ceremonies that have included a scavenger hunt, a first performance of a choral work, and even a sneaky Rickroll! – and of course, so many huge laughs and happy tears. I want to make your ceremony the most enjoyable, most personal and most memorable part of your wedding day.


humanist wedding


Your business…


1. What made you want to set up your business?

When I got married eight years ago we had a Humanist ceremony, and it was hands down the best part of our day! We also had so many comments from our guests saying how amazing and utterly personal it was. I wanted to be able to make that happen for other couples – and now I do!


2. What’s the best part of your job?

The hugs – who doesn’t love hugs! – and the look in my couple’s eyes when they are making their vows to each other. I have the best view in the house – and I revel in it!


3. What’s the worst part of your job?

It sounds so “diamond shoe heavy” but I hate it when a couple get in touch and I can’t do their ceremony because I am already booked for their date. Celebrants get booked up early! – don’t forget about us!


4. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had from a client?

Oo that’s a good one! – erm, I don’t think I have ever had what I would consider to be a “weird” request! To be honest, what other suppliers might consider a weird request, like putting a quiz in a ceremony, or having a surprise singsong – us Humanist celebrants take it in our stride!


5. What’s been your favourite ever wedding you’ve worked on/at? 

This may sound a bit Beauty Queen but every single ceremony I do is my favourite, because they are all so very different! It’s impossible to compare ceremonies because they all are perfect for the couple they are designed for, and so each one has individual glory that is all their own.


humanist celebrant Nat Raybould


6. You’re surrounded by beauty in your job, what do you find beautiful?

I love patterns! – especially clashing patterns. The more the merrier! In fact, More is More is a phrase I definitely subscribe to! I also love tiny gorgeous and thoughtful details in every respect – whether that’s in art, design, literature, cinema, or in my own job.


7. Best piece of advice to offer to those getting married?

Think about every element of your day – ceremony, flowers, music, dress, food etc, etc – and imagine taking away every element one by one. Then think about which elements you would miss most! – and then concentrate your spending on that. If you don’t care about what you wear but you are a huge wine buff, really go to town on quality wines and get your dress second-hand, or even hire it! There’s always a way to prioritise the things you prize the most, and your wedding will be so much more personal as a result. Oh yes, and don’t get chair covers – chairs prefer being naked and free 😉


8. Anyone you particularly admire in the industry?

SO MANY! The wedding industry is full of such creative, talented and thoughtful people! If I had to pick, I would go for two – firstly my mentor,  celebrant QUEEN Zena Birch, who also married me and is the reason I am here doing this cool job today; and secondly Kai of My Lady Garden flowers, because she is a stunningly creative floral genius who never stops thinking of how to best serve her clientele, plus she has the best business name ever!


9. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Pause and ponder before you dive in feet first!


10. What was your career plan B?

I am a classical soprano as well as a celebrant, so I have a musical training. I originally wanted to be a composer, but instead I sing things composers write for me. It’s basically the same 😉


humanist celebrant Nat Raybould




11. Where do you call home?

Forest Hill, London. I’m originally from the Midlands though, and so I still feel like a tourist when walking around Central London, even though I have been here twenty-plus years…


12. What’s your favourite shop?

It’s a tie between COS and Liberty London. Liberty feels like my church, ha!


13. Favourite restaurant?

I always recommend Gauthier Soho for the best value set lunch in London. Feels very special, but not pretentious – the best combination!


14. Who would you have play you in a movie about your life? 

Rachel Bloom please!


15. Cocktail of choice?

Oooooo, absolutely anything from Lyaness! (A cocktail bar on the South Bank.) Go there [post-lockdown]! – you will not be disappointed!


16. Your biggest extravagance?

I do like a nice handbag. I possibly own more makeup than I technically need too (!).


17. Do you collect anything?

I do! – I have a fab collection of vintage dolls from Japan and the US, mainly 1960s-70s. They’re not creepy at all, honest! I also collect urban vinyl figures, my favourites being Pete Fowler Monsterism. Look them up!


18. If you could buy any building, which would it be?

Battersea Power Station. I would love to live in a warehouse overlooking the Thames. I would also let it out for weddings 😉


19. What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

Creep down and put the Christmas tree lights on every day the tree is there, so I come down to twinkly beauty! It’s the small things that get me right in the heart <3


20. Where do you go to let your hair down?

Going to concerts and shows. It’s when I can enter into other worlds and experience other lives, and chat to other people about it afterwards. And wear a nice dress too 😊 I do also love going to the cinema on my own: it’s such a nice treat.


humanist wedding


And finally…


21. Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I can sing the Countdown timing music in exactly 30 seconds.


22. Invisibility or flight?



23. Any regrets in life? 

Perhaps not taking a gap year before university? I would have loved to live in another country and learn the language. But it’s not a huge regret…


24. Tell us your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment! 

I love the @whosnextpoduk which is an inspiring pocast about women lifting other women up, run by one of my amazing brides Zara Bryson. Also I love @accidentallywesanderson for constant eye candy, and @ladoublej for dribbling over the clothes I would buy if I was a squillionaire.


25. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

The current government. Too political?


humanist celebrant Nat Raybould


Thank you so much to Nat for taking part!  A woman very much after my own heart and spirit – and great fun to have a drink with, speaking from experience! ❤️


Find Nat on her website here, and on Instagram here.


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