Merry Christmas: An Update + the Lucky Year of the Ox Ahead

Merry Christmas, from me and mine, to you and yours! 🎄

Wishing all my couples, friends, family, and subscribers near and far, a relaxing and safe Christmas.

And I’m so sorry to anyone that has had to navigate the pandemic while planning or postponing their wedding. Please know that it will be worth the wait!

Suffice to say that 2020 hasn’t really been the kick off to the new decade we had all hoped for. Business, and life, has been hard. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported me this year – and every year. Every like, love, comment, and subscriber is so appreciated.

It has been appreciated this year more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic, whilst I was pregnant for a good portion of it! Baby Kelso arrived late, in early October – thank you for everyone’s kind comments and well wishes. After a short stint in ICU, we had him home within 4 days and have been enjoying cuddles and chaos ever since. Things have since slowed down on the blog as I prioritise helping my clients through postponements and spending time with my family, but I am still here beavering away behind the scenes when I can.

It’s been a wild year… But I can’t wait get back to having, hosting, and working at weddings and parties again next year! 🥂



Here’s to an absolutely banging 2021!

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the International Year of Peace and Trust, and 2021 is the year of the Ox; a supposedly lucky year and apparently the perfect year to focus on love and relationships…

I think we definitely need all of those things after this year!

Lucky colours for 2021 are believed to be red, blue and purple. Lucky numbers for 2021 are believed to be 1 and 9. Lucky flowers are believed to be the tulip and peach blossom.

However Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021 are ‘Illuminating’ (a lemony yellow) and ‘Ultimate Gray’ (a simple uncomplicated grey).

Bring it on.



Merry Christmas, and a very happy new year when it comes ❤️


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