Get Excited About Wedding Planning Again

Hello! It’s been a while, hey?! Not to jinx it, but with no restrictions now (cheers, Bojo) I’m seeing weddings come at me like a freight train and I’m hanging on for the ride. I’m turning down enquiries for 2022 left, right and centre at the moment… And rumour has it, there’s more weddings booked in this year in the UK since 1981; which was a Royal Wedding year (Charles and Diana)! I believe it, for sure. So get ready and get excited about wedding planning again! It’s time!! It’s happening!!

If you’ve had your wedding postponed, cancelled, booked, postponed again, locked down and basically had all the fun sucked out of it, here are a few tips and tricks to get you jazzed up about walking down the aisle…


  1. Reunited and it feels so gooood – get your wedding party together just for the sake of it, it’s been a hot minute. Get the girls, the guys and everyone in between who is a part of your wedding party and celebrate getting married. Yeah, I’m looking at YOU! Wahey!! Bubbles, snacks and a wedding pow wow will bring all the excitement back into planning. It’s been rough, I know.
  2. Refresh your Pinterest board – if you’ve not booked suppliers or have changed vendors in the last few years because of the C word, you’re not tied down to anything. Trends change all the time so have a refresh of your Pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing. It’s nothing that requires too much brain power or decision making. Pour the wine and get clicking.
  3. After not being able to shake it off going OUT OUT, your dancing skills might need a bit of fine tuning. Now that dance studios are back open and usually mask-free, find your local studio for some first dance lessons. It’ll get you nice and limber before you strut your stuff on the dance floor at your wedding. Failing that, just find somewhere you can let loose for a bit to your fav songs, at least.
  4. Try your dress or tux on if you have it. So many weddings were cancelled last minute that a fair few of you probably have your wedding attire hung up at home. Dust it off and have a twirl, now it’s within grasp for real this time.
  5. Meet with your planner for some drinks and a big ole catch up. We’ve got the inside scope on trends, we can look over your contracts from 2020 sobs and make sure everything is still good to go before putting our planning hats on and creating a kick-ass wedding.


Obviously there are SO many activities you can do to get excited about planning again and even just dusting off your filofax to see where you’re at and what needs actioning might be enough to get your planning sparkle back. Whatever baby steps you need at the moment is ok too.


Jennie + Michael’s wedding, image by Jose Farhina


Here’s to 2022, the year of weddings, love, and epic parties!

Bring. It. On. ❤️


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