2022 Wedding Trends

Did I mention this year we will see more weddings than any year since 1984?! This calls for a trend blog. What can we expect for 2022 wedding trends, how can you incorporate this into your already running theme, and where can you find these trends? Here are my top 5 trends for feelin’ ‘22…


Rented Dresses

Is it EVEN 2022 if we don’t mention climate change? I know, I know, what do weddings have to do with the ozone layer and our planet? Take a seat, we need to have a word. You probably recycle, take your glass to the correct bins and have meat-free Mondays; all stellar life-style changes (snaps), but what can you do outside of that and how does this translate to weddings? Your bridesmaids could have rented dresses, groomsmen in a rented tux … designer, fabulous, and eco-friendly. It’s nothing new for the fellas to rent their tux, it’s us women that have fallen behind here (tut tut) – but with thanks to modern shopping apps like Rotaro and My Wardrobe HQ, you can rent your wedding dress for something silly like £45! With designer bridesmaid attire going for less than a round. Think of all the money you can spend on biodegradable napkins now! All jokes aside, this trend is good for the planet, your wallet and your conscience. I’m here for it. Also check out my current fav, By Rotation for every possible rented dress need.



Bridgerton Inspired Matrimony

Patiently waiting for the second season of Bridgerton? Me too! Regal, romantic and oh-so aesthetically pleasing, incorporate Regency blues or lilacs into your colour scheme. Even if your planning is well under way and design seems a thing of the past, you can still nod to Bridgerton in many ways. Puffed sleeve dresses, empire waistlines, and choker-like jewellery are just some of the ways you can wear Bridgerton chic – but what if you want to go further than that?

DIY table runners made of ribbon and velvet, handwritten quotes, luxe vintage crockery (like the below by Harriet’s Table from Alexi + Tom’s wedding I did last year), and trailing wisteria along your dinner tables can all be incorporated at a low cost with a little extra thought.


Luxe vintage crockery by Harriet’s Table from Alexi + Tom’s wedding I did last year, photo by Joasis Photography


Weekday Weddings

I’m already seeing a surge in weekday weddings. They’re cheaper, a bloody brilliant excuse to take time off of work, and it might be necessary. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings taking place this year, a lot of suppliers and venues are already jam packed for weekends. Me included. So, if you’re newly engaged or have just started planning your wedding, have a think about whether a weekday wedding is feasible for you, your family and wedding party.

Hundreds of venues offer a lower rate for weekday weddings, hotels are cheaper for those coming from out of town, and you’re more likely to secure your vendor of dreams. Be open minded, explore a Wednesday wedding and use the bank holidays to your advantage. You’ll get more time off work by using the bank holidays and more bang for your buck by booking a weekday.


Destination At-Home

Despite the C word slowly beginning to feel a thing of the past, there are still some travel restrictions and these are always subject to changes, as we’ve all seen over the last few years. Just because Tuscany isn’t calling your name because Auntie Jan* isn’t vaccinated, doesn’t mean you can’t bring Tuscany** to you. Combine this with another trend of 2022 (back garden weddings) by gathering pops of vibrant yellows, natural greens and chic shades of white and using these as your baseline. This is a great opportunity to keep everything super classic and timeless, with the elegance that so many associate with Tuscany. Of course, this is just an example. Love Morocco? Think terracotta napkins, low seating, with fragrant sharing dishes and intricate rugs creating chic lounge spaces that will transport you into the heart of Marrakesh.

Incredible suppliers like Just4Linen, Eco Furniture Hire, Options Great Hire and Velvet Living have beautiful decor pieces for hire to bring your vision to life. Ambience, music, flavour and design will collectively transport your guests to your dream destination, in your own back garden.

**enter destination of choice



Bows, bows, bows, bows, bows all over the gloooobe… I LOVE a bow. Hair bows, shoe bows, bouquet bows, bow ties, the list is endless. Maybe it’s the Bridgerton vibes, maybe it’s Ariana Grande, who knows. All we know is that bows are in and they’re here to stay. They’re classy, chic, timeless and fun. Everyone looks cute in a bow, and I mean everyone. Fellas, not keen on wearing a bow tie? A bow lapel pin can make just as much of a statement. Women, hair so fine that a bow would slip out despite the number of bobby pins your hairdresser sticks into your scalp? Add a beautiful bow onto your dress, around your bouquet, or make it a part of the dress code.

Ranging from pricey (and fabulous), Emily London and Jennifer Behr (below), we’re lookin’ at you, to affordable high street items (check out H&M or New Look) to DIY bows, (literally, buy some wired ribbon, and recite “bunny ears, bunny ears” until you’ve perfected your bridal bow) – there’s a bow for everyone’s taste.



2022 trends in a nutshell.

Have fun exploring!


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