Beat Brexit and Shop Seasonal Flowers

Nothing tells you you’re at a wedding more than seeing fresh flowers, other than the two happy people at the altar. But do you know where the majority of these gorgeous flowers come from? They’re usually shipped in from Holland, even though they may not have been grown there. But what happens now that we have left the EU? Everything’s more expensive for a start! Beat Brexit and shop seasonal flowers if you can…


Tom + Charlotte’s wedding last summer, by Green & Envy and expertly captured by Angela Ward Brown


We’ve all felt the effects of inflation due to Brexit, but what a lot of couples don’t consider is that Brexit can affect their wedding day. Enter, flowers and other plants. Whilst we know we can get incredible and unusual flowers and plants for weddings almost regardless of the season, what can you do shop more locally for your wedding flowers?

Of course, Summer is peak wedding season, even if we can’t control the weather! Before setting your heart on flower arrangements, do some research online about where said flowers would potentially come from and see if you can swap any out for flowers that can be grown in the UK.

Even if your wedding isn’t a quintessentially British affair, you can nod to your heritage, or, your location around the UK (a great idea if your wedding is a UK destination wedding or elopement to the UK), with the flowers you choose. Coming back to basics here; thistles for Scotland, daffies for Wales, etc.

Roses can be grown in any country that the climate allows, and they usually need a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight, so that’s pretty much anywhere, even Blighty. There are over 30,000 varieties of roses worldwide so we’re not saying check out all 30,000…could be a snooze fest, but we reckon you’d be silly not to look into roses as an option. Or even an accent. I wasn’t even a rose fan until I discovered Austin roses (almost like peonies) and Damask roses (more frilly).

Peonies are great to fill out your flower installation or bouquets, as these guys are huge. Open or closed, they’re sure to make a statement and their colouring goes beautifully with almost anything. Peony season runs from May to July making them the perfect Spring/Summer wedding flower of choice. They can be expensive, but if your wedding is in June you’ve got a great chance of getting some bang on season.

If you’ve ever flown over the UK, you’ve probably seen acres of purple scattering the countryside. Lavender is known for its calming effects and is often used in essential oils. The smell is unmistakable and the colour striking but can also be powdered down. We’ve found a great post on lavender fields in the UK, click here to take a peek. Instead of filling out your bouquet or installations with Gyposphilia or the like, try lavender. You’ll smell like a dream all day long.

If you’re keen to shop local for your wedding flowers, be sure to tell your florist ASAP so they can fit this into your design brief and come back to you with ideas that are on point and can be locally sourced. Using British flowers is just one way we can support our local farmers and economy so if you can do it, as ever, I’m here for it.


A moodboard of seasonal flowers for one of my 2021 clients – negotiating a lockdown wedding!


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