Fav Flower Crowns

Big, small, real, fake… I’m talking about flower crowns, actually…

As Bridgerton, boho chic and forest weddings (did you know you can get legally married outside in England now??) envelop 2022 weddings, I’m seeing a huge rise in bride’s reaching for flower crowns over veils. About 👏🏼 time 👏🏼. Veils, whilst pretty, are archaic and kind of just get in the way once the formalities are over. Great for the ceremony, but then most of my brides take them off immediately after. Flower crowns are super versatile and, if you’re up for letting your bridesmaids wear something comfortable, a flower crown is a great way for them to stand out from the crowd whilst also being unified in the wedding party club. Flower crowns were common in Ancient Greece and women wore them at special occasions to honour the Gods. They are also traditionally a huge part of Midsummer’s Day celebrations (Fri 24th Jun), and popular in Polish wedding traditions too.


Bridesmaid Flower Crowns
Lauren’s bridesmaid’s crowns were by her florist, Bloom of the Block. Photo by Dave Watts Photography from Lauren + Phil’s wedding we worked together on


Your florist can usually make your flower crown to follow your existing design brief and colour scheme, so with this in mind it’s worth chatting to them first; and if they can’t do it, here are a few of my favourite flower crown alternatives with links of where to find them (you’re welcome):



Pretty, whimsical and obviously a LOT of variety but be warned, these probably won’t fit as well as having one custom made by your florist, so get the bobby pins ready and have a stash of them in your bag on your wedding day too.



Romeo and Succulent

Get everyone involved with a flower crown cart! One of our favourites is Romeo and Succulent who offer hand made flower crowns for your wedding party. A great time filler during room changerounds.



The Shepherd’s Purse

The Shepherd’s Purse create bespoke flower crowns and incorporate beaded trims and hand dyed ribbons for the finishing touch.



Floral Earth

Floral Earth can provide ready made flowers crowns that are secured with twine so they’ll fit pretty much anyone, and this is a lovely way to have your bridesmaids match as you literally add the crowns to your basket.



What I love about flower crowns is their versatility; dainty and quaint with a nod to the season, faux flower and foliage to channel your inner boho chic, or oversized peonies adorning your pretty little head with ribbons for days. Not to mention they look so damn cute on flower girls (who will likely rip them off in a tantrum, but still, cutes).


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