On The Day Stationery Must Haves

I’m here to talk you through the absolute musts for your wedding stationery. There are a whole lot of choices out there so the most important thing to remember is consistency. If you’ve already sent out your invites, ask the same supplier to do the rest of your stationery. If the invites were a DIY job, send a copy to a handful of calligraphers and stationers; they’re probably able to replicate the font and style in their own version so that everything is matchy matchy – it helps if your ‘On The Day stationery must haves’ are at least along the same lines.


Image by Jeff Oliver Photography, from Steph + Andy’s wedding we worked together on


Schedule of the Day and Seating Plan

Firstly, is the ceremony stationery. Unless you’re having a religious ceremony and asking guests to sing hymns, an order of service really isn’t needed. Your guests will flick through them at best, and then they see the bottom of a bin bag sobs. Save money here for a double whammy…

Double whammy being, a schedule of the day on one side of your A1 board and the seating plan on the other side. Your planner will make sure the schedule is showing when guests arrive and turn it around in time for dinner. This means you don’t need two A boards with two sets of info. Then we can do the old switcheroo once more during dinner so guests can see what’s happening after they’re full and tipsy. Also a nice keepsake of your day.

If your wedding isn’t all in the same place all day, then I think it works well on the back of a welcome board too. I love a welcome sign, but it’s not a necessity; it’s a nice lust worthy piece to put your stamp on the day.

I always highly recommend some form of light schedule for guests to see, as it makes guests feel at ease and is a point of interest. Obviously, as a planner, I love to know what’s coming throughout the day if I’m a guest. But it also helps your guests plan loo breaks, cig breaks, a quick goodnight call to the kids before bedtime, etc, without missing the first dance. Don’t you like to see what’s coming up throughout the day as a wedding guest? Even just the reminder of when last orders is, is super helpful. Weddings are far from traditional these days, so it just helps your guests feel hosted if they have some sort of idea of what’s coming up. Happy and hosted guests = brilliant, memorable wedding.


Image by Jeff Oliver Photography, from Steph + Andy’s wedding we worked together on


Place Cards, Menus and Table Numbers

Talking of dinner, if your guests have pre ordered their meals and their food choices are on the place cards (recommended), you really don’t need to have menus printed. BUT, if you’re not serving a choice menu and everyone gets the same apart from dietaries, then have some menus printed. Depending on your decor and space on the table, you could print one per person or a couple scattered about per table.

…or have these on the back of your table numbers. Just make sure they’re big enough. Multipurpose, but making the most out of another necessity. This works particularly well with round tables, but you’ll need a few multiples if having banquet style trestle tables.

If you’re offering free seating, popular for buffets and sharing style menus, meaning guests can sit anywhere, have a table set aside with escort cards so that your guests can take these over to their seats. Extra points if you add any dietary requirements on the escort cards to make service smoother for your catering team.


Image by Jeff Oliver Photography, from Steph + Andy’s wedding we worked together on


And whilst we’re on the subject of place cards and menus, please, for your planner’s sanity, ensure the names on the place cards match what is on the table plan. We’re smart, but we don’t know if you affectionately call your sister “Popsie” instead of Poppy. Make sure this is ALSO the case when you send food choices to the caterer, as a side note. (Robert, Bobbie and Uncle B are all the same person?! Wtf?)

But remember, place or escort cards don’t have to be paper tents with nice writing on, why not get laser cut names, shot glasses or something keeping in with your theme that’s also a keepsake. Winter wedding? Baubles. Funfair theme? Admit one tickets. Wedding on the beach? Sea shells.

Nothing hurts more than throwing out stationery when turning a room from dinner to dance at a wedding (because I know how much time and money is being chucked in the bin, mostly.).

So keep it simple, but make it memorable.


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