Wedding Decor Quick Wins

So I just got back into blogging and then… wedding season! It’s busy, but great! So today I’m chatting decor; the quick wins to elevate your wedding. Here we go. Actionable wedding decor quick wins to get you from nought to sparkle in 5 quick steps.

I know how much thought has gone into your decor (same, best friend), but how can you elevate it to take it from your dream to… EPIC? I’ve listed a few ideas for you to mooch over, and who knows, maybe you’d like to incorporate these into your day. IMO, good bang for buck, in terms of what will have the biggest impact – and make your wedding instantly blog worthy.



Boy oh BOY, do I love an uplight. The main reason being, nothing adds drama and elegance to a venue like these. There are tens of colours to choose from, and I recommend changing these up throughout the evening to match the atmosphere. Amber is a staple for dinner whilst purples, blues and pinks really elevate your party space. A lot of production companies have uplight packages, so be sure to check these out. You can always order more to light the outside of your venue as well, especially if you’re in Central London (dreamy), or have hired a country estate for the weekend. Popping a handful of uplights outside your venue will let everyone know where the party is at and give it instant chic.


Gorgeous uplights used in the stables as the backdrop to dinner at Sara + Pauls wedding, photo by Photos By Zoe


Festoon Lighting

Swoons This lighting is so romantic in the evening and there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this. Have it hanging above the dancefloor, or if you have outside space, pop these lights above some cosy seating for star gazing. They’re also a great way to add light to any outdoor space for when the sun goes down and because they’re usually plugged in, you can leave them on all day meaning you don’t need to remember to flick the switch. I also love these around marquees and tipis for a sunset dinner. So versatile and oh so dreamy.


Oh-so-atmospheric festoons at Charlotte + Finn’s wedding, photo by Kat Hill Photography


A Backdrop

Whether it’s to frame your ceremony and then top table, or used as a photo wall; backdrops are a brilliant and cost effective way to create some wonderful photo opportunities throughout the day. Often, they are temporary structures that can be moved around your space (although do check and manage this realistically! I was once hired for a VERY DIY wedding and the flower arch was definitely not built well enough to be moved.. although the bride insisted… it didn’t end well ☹️). This is a great way to save money and tie your theme together in one, without purchasing many smaller multiple decor items to try to create the same colour/vibe/theme impact. Sometimes having one staple statement piece is all you need for the wow factor. See my board solely dedicated to backdrop ideas on my Pinterest here.


Photo by Joasis Photography, from Tom + Lexi’s wedding we worked together on


DJ Booth

Most weddings have a DJ; let’s face it, they’re the OG’s of wedding entertainment. A tip is to ask the DJ what is included in their pricing, is it just them and their equipment or are they bringing nasty disco lights that should have retired in the 70s? Most of the time, they bring a DJ booth with them, and you can often upgrade to a light up booth of some sort. No better way to kick the party off, I say.


Coloured Linen

And last but not least, coloured linen. White linen is LUSH and really suits some venues, but if you’re somewhere on the quirkier side like Wilton’s Music Hall or 100 Barrington, include some colour to lift the space. Venues like these are industrial and mega cool, and so are you (mega cool, not industrial). Add your personality into your space and heighten your colour scheme. Whoever said table decor is down to the candles and place cards has got it SO wrong. Sometimes, there’s no room to be minimal. Chic modern coloured napkins can be all you need though if you’re not a fan of complete table cloths.


Photo by Angela Ward Brown, from Tom + Chaz’s wedding we worked together on


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