Wedding Cake Considerations

To cake or not to cake – that is the question… There is a lot of inspiration out there but luckily, you only have one thing to ask yourself – is this cake “us”?. Ask yourself, is this the kind of cake you’d want to see at your wedding or in a bakery window…? I LOVE seeing the wedding cake front and centre, but before you splash the cash on something that, let’s face it, is mainly for aesthetics, here are a few wee practical things to consider first:


  • What time will the cake arrive and can it be out of the fridge all day? Summer weddings and marquee weddings are tricky for this one because often the cake needs to be refrigerated and then put on display a few hours before serving… particularly watch out for those delicate (but delicious) buttercream ones.
  • That said, it’s only feasible to move the cake if it’s a simple single tier. Anything crafted, complicated or tiered will need to be in situ for the duration from when the baker sets it up; it’s their art and should not be tampered with unless it’s easily movable on a fully insured suspension wheeled cake trolley!
  • Who is slicing the cake and serving it to the guests – leave time for this in your schedule. i.e. this might not work for festival themed weddings if your caterer is a hot dog van.
  • Not everyone will eat cake on the night so, consider purchasing some little boxes for the cake to be stored in and guests can enjoy a drunken snack on the cab ride back to the hotel.
  • And some sort of separate Tupperware if you’d like any saved for yourself (often couples save the top tier for themselves to enjoy later).
  • Dietary requirements – whilst we can’t please everyone, if you have a lot of gluten free or vegan guests for example, why not have some separate cupcakes made that they can enjoy?
  • The stand and knife – ask the questions of who is supplying this. Is this the caterer, the baker, the venue or your planner? (FYI I have a large silver cake knife in my wedding day kit for all couples to borrow and use on the day should they wish.)


Photo by Samuel George from Melissa + Jim’s wonderfully fun wedding we worked together on


I hope you love leering at cake as much as me and that this blog has given you some food for thought…eh, eh? Just me… oki.


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