2023 Wedding Trends – Coronation vibes meets the Targaryens

After a bumper year STILL catching up with postponements in 2022, weddings in 2023 look set to be even bigger and better! In a year that will see the Coronation of our new King, I already know we can expect grandiose themes and couples making a big effort with unique décor and details. It’s also not been the easiest of times post pandemic during a cost of living crisis, so my 2023 couples are really keen to celebrate! 2023 wedding trends encompass all of the above.

Here are my top 5 trend predictions for 2023… and what I’m already seeing from my 2023 couples:


1. Intimate Celebrations – Grandiose Themes

It’s certainly true that we have seen a move towards smaller guest numbers over the last few years for obvious pandemic-related reasons! However, it seems like more intimate affairs are here to stay, with couples choosing to spend more on impactful decor, bespoke personalised details for their guests, and in general a luxury experience – saying a big YES to quality over quantity. This might look like over the top florals, grand centrepieces, a bespoke menu, or a magnificent puff sleeved gown with an extravagant trailing veil. A lot of my couples have waited a while to get married, so they are keen to finally have the celebration they deserve (and have been saving up to do so) – hear hear!

It’s no accident that this also coincides with the year of the Coronation. Couples will be able to get so much inspiration from the pomp and pageantry of the events to come (can’t wait for that Crown ep either) – although I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of celebrations will be ever so slightly lower key than the Coronation…!

2. House Targaryen

If you haven’t been watching House of the Dragon this year, where have you been?! This Game of Thrones spin off means the cultural impact is absolutely going nowhere. For weddings, think gorgeous braided bridal hairstyles, intricate headdresses, and personalised rituals (I would strongly advise you steer clear of blood sharing though, that could get messy at the alter!)

This trend ties in nicely with another strong trend for 2023; a rise in forest weddings. Woodland nuptials continue to be really popular, and with outdoor weddings in England now permanently legal post-pandemic, it’s easier than ever to have the woodland wedding of your dreams. (Here’s to celebrant-led weddings hopefully becoming legal in 2023 in England too!)


2023 wedding trends
Image by Angela Ward Brown from Charlotte + Tom’s wedding we worked together on


3. Colourful Weddings

Trend forecasters are already predicting that 2023 will be a year of colourful weddings. It’s going to be all about fun after a few years of not a lot of fun. Pantone’s colour of the year is a vibrant rosy red hue “Viva Magenta”. And according to Pinterest, based on searches by Millennials and Gen X, we will see lots of terracotta, rust, copper and burnt sienna to complement these colour schemes, informing everything from attire to florals and other table decor. Colour, fun, and warmth.

Say goodbye to muted tones and demure colour schemes, this year is all about expressing yourself with colour. A move that matches the year-on-year trend towards really personal weddings and shying away from traditional nuptials. From multicoloured city celebrations, to fashionable clashing dry hire dos, to bold and beautiful floral print tipi parties, this is the excuse (as if you needed one) to really go big on colour! Because it’s basically a massive party, after all! Set the scene for fun with a vivid colour palette.

4. Throwback Influences

This year’s TV has helped everyone reminisce about (recently) bygone eras. Everyone’s thinking about the 70s, 80s and 90s with shows like Sex Education and Stranger Things reminding us of fashion gems and amazingly fun forgotten trends. 90s fashion is back with vengeance but with an elegant spin, chic slip dresses for bridesmaids teamed with chunky shoes. Flamboyant dresses featuring puff sleeves are making a comeback thanks to Princess Diana’s gorge wedding dress setting this trend in the 80s. And not to mention that the trending colours for this year are inescapably 70s – warm hues, fun colours, but muted tones.

5. And Finally… Sustainable Practices

This one gets a mention every year, but it really is a trend that’s here to stay. In 2023, my couples are increasingly considering every detail of their big day with an environmental magnifying glass. It’s a party, yes, but it’s your party, and couples feel, quite rightly, responsible.

From choosing a cater who uses local and seasonal ingredients to using reusable decor, sending paperless invitations, holding your ceremony and reception in the same location to reduce travel, hiring a florist who uses British seasonal flowers, the list goes on! There are loads of easy and small ways to make a big difference.

Increasingly, care for the planet is informing every aspect of wedding planning, rather than just being a buzzword or passing fad – and I’m so glad. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by these decisions, you might want to think about hiring a planner (hiiiiiii!) to help you source suppliers who I know care about their eco credentials as well as actually caring about the planet as well.


Whether you choose to jump on board with any of these 2023 wedding trends for next year’s trends or not, have the best time planning! Happy new year when it comes… Here’s to 2023! This is YOUR year!

Devine over and out!


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