Dress Regret and Anxiety

Your dress/outfit (you can wear anything you want! It doesn’t have to be a dress!!) is a strange purchase; and like everything in wedding planning, most couples have never done it before! All the emotions, planning, budgeting, and thoughts you have around your big day are completely new territory from a mental health aspect. Dress regret and anxiety is real. It’s about feeling good – no matter what that looks or feels like to you.

I’ve penned down some thoughts on this, inspired by one of my brides recently <3 You are not alone if you feel this way, and there is nothing wrong with you – and it definitely doesn’t mean you have any new aversions to getting married either, by the way.

Getting your head in the right mindset for trying your outfit on (and actually wearing it on the day) will be a big factor in any anxiety you may feel, too. The last few years have been A LOT. So, it’s ok if you have mixed feelings about an outfit you fell in love with 2 years ago, or a dress you had to try on alone, or a jumpsuit you thought might be right for summer and now your date has changed. Things change. People change. Your body might have changed. But that’s ok, and it’s completely normal.

Firstly, it’s ok to keep window shopping. It may help you remember why you fell in love with your outfit – or realise that it’s not quite right for you now. Secondly, try it on again and again – does it still fit properly? Does it make you feel good? Take it to a trusted alterations service. They will be able to advise on fits and tucks, lengths and seams, and cuts and sleeves, even if you aren’t sure yourself. A small change can make a big difference, so this can really transform your look and might be the difference between you loving or loathing it – especially if it doesn’t fit properly; whether it’s post pandemic, post baby, or just that you’ve changed you mind.

Lastly, is it comfortable enough to wear for a minimum of 12 hours? Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint! It’s a long day… will it withstand your season, venue, ceremony, dancing? If the answer is no but you still love it, you may want to think about setting extra budget aside for a second outfit for the evening. A switch up for the dance floor might just be the energy refresh you need. As quite often, it’s the feeling of being trapped or stuck with the outfit you bought a while ago that is unsettling, rather than the garms themselves.

And if you have really grown to hate it… that’s ok. Don’t suffer. You wedding day (and 3000+ photos) will forever be tarnished by the memory that you didn’t love it. Don’t stress, there are plenty of resale sites where you can reclaim at least some of the expense. There’s the obvious Ebay and Vinted, but also some other specialist stores that are dress focused, like Cudoni, Still White, Bride 2 Bride, Bridal Reloved, and Rock My Wedding’s new ‘Recycle My Wedding’ section too. And if you’re feeling charitable, I would also highly recommend Brides Do Good, whose profits go towards empowering women and ending child marriage.

Not to mention you could always rent it out… or rent a new one! See also; my post from last year, 2022 Wedding Trends: Rented Dresses.

Then you can get on with finding your dream outfit that you feel amazing in, because that’s the only thing that matters. Don’t let anything stand in the way of enjoying every bit of fun you’ve planned (and paid for) on your wedding day.

Photo by The Curries, from Gemma + Sonnie’s wedding we worked together on
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