Soundtracking Your Day

Music is such a key part of any wedding day and can really help set the mood. How often do you leave the house without your AirPods? Exactly! Not to mention, music is an instant relaxer! You wedding music is something that shouldn’t be left to chance!

I wanted to create this blog as a quick guide to what parts of your day you should think about music for, but also to provide some ready-made Spotify links in case you’re pressed for time – or need some instant crowd pleasers.

Getting the songs right at each part of the day can feel a bit overwhelming, so while it’s such a personal thing, sometimes a bit of outside inspiration is what’s needed… I’m no DJ, but I’ve heard enough playlists at weddings in my time!! Here are some of my top picks of playlists on Spotify that might help guide each part of the day.

My advice – if you are stuck for ideas (or time), copy one of the playlists below and edit it with some of your key favs!

Getting Ready

Getting Ready With The Bridesmaids – Day of Wedding

This is a great starting point to build your own getting ready playlist as it’s nearly 15 hours long and has some absolute classics from back in the day (I’m in my thirties…), as well as more recent bangers that will really lift the mood while you’re getting your hair done… there is nothing that quite sets the mood like a pre-party in your hotel room getting ready (with a drink!). 

Wedding Day Getting Ready Playlist

This one’s shorter but an excellent mix of old and new that should give you some more ideas. 

Give this task to a bridesmaid, groomsman, or best person as their job for the day and ask them to bring a portable speaker.


You usually only need a few songs to play while your guests are awaiting your arrival but they can really set the tone for the rest of your ceremony and day. I’d say you want chill but upbeat vibes. You’re likely to choose some songs for this that are personal to you as a couple but here are a couple of playlists for some inspo:

Wedding Pre-Ceremony

Pre/Post Wedding Ceremony

Walking Down the Aisle

Again, the song you walk down the aisle to is likely to be one that means a great deal to you as a couple (cue the romance), but if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a reminder of what’s even out there, here are a few romantic ideas: 

✨Walking Down The Aisle✨

Walking down the aisle

This has a selection which goes to show it doesn’t necessarily have to be a slow song to walk down the aisle to. My personal favourite on this one is Donna Lewis I Love You Always Forever, I can just imagine bopping down the aisle to this!

If you’re planning a slightly more grown up ceremony, or perhaps getting married in a church, you might want something which is purely instrumental though:

Best Wedding Instrumentals 2023 on Spotify

Bridgerton: The Official Playlist (a personal fav of mine)

Signing the Register

Depending on your set up and the length of the songs, 2 or 3 are usually enough to cover the signing of the register. This is a great opportunity to use some of the songs that you loved for walking down the aisle but didn’t quite make the cut – there can only be one aisle song after all!  

Signing the Register (a real mix of old and new)

Signing the register (a bit more classic vibes)

Back Up the Aisle

Most couples plump for something really fun and energetic for their recessional. After all, you’re married and it’s time to celebrate! Here are a couple of playlist suggestions to get that inspiration flowing! 

Walking Back up the Aisle

WEDDING: After I Do (Exit Entrance) (some absolute belters in here) – This one includes Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, an oldie but a goodie! 

Drinks Reception

This is your chance to play your favourites that aren’t necessarily floor fillers (which are saved for your party later). Those tunes that remind you of good times and the vibes are like fun dinner party, the warm up drinks (literally!). I love a good mix of old and new music during the drinks reception; it helps the vibe flow and it’s good if there’s something every generation will know at some point. This is your chance to set the mood for this bit of the day, is it a chilled bask in the sun on the lawn or getting the party started even before dinner? 

Wedding drinks reception

Wedding Drinks Reception ❤️

First Dance

This is another one that’s really personal. Is there a song that reminds you of the time you first met? Or maybe another significant moment in your relationship. If you’re worried about swaying awkwardly in a slow dance, you might want something a bit more upbeat to get the rest of your guests on the floor quickly! How about these playlists as a starting point?

First Dances – playlist by Sound By Design | Spotify

Indie / Alternative First Dance Wedding Songs on Spotify – Some more alternative ideas if you’re not ones for the classics!

One of my all time favourites is that looks great as a first dance is (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, by Jackie Wilson. That said, my own first dance was Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (I Love You Baby) by Lauryn Hill (because my husband and I couldn’t find another song we could agree on… after 10 years together… and it got the dancefloor going!).

…Nothing is off the table, it’s your day your way! (I once had a couple do their first dance to Creep by Radiohead…! Each to their own!)

wedding music
Image by Naomi Jane Photography from Sara + Alex’s wedding we worked together on

Dancefloor Bangers

This is the big one! If you want the dance floor to be filled all night, this one is important to get right! If you’ve got a band or DJ, of course they will help you out here and either use their own playlist with your favourites added in, or can build their set based on a playlist of yours. If you’re playing DJ yourselves with a playlist, here’s some inspiration! 

The Best Wedding Dance Party Ever on Spotify

Party Playlist

Last But Not Least

And if you really want to have some fun with it, find a song to make your dinner entrance to, plan walk up music to announce your speech givers, and pick a cutting of the cake song (Sugar Sugar by The Archies is fun for this!) – you really can go wild if you want to! (And why shouldn’t you?? Do it. It’s not the sort of thing you’ll ever regret. Trust me!)

And if all else fails… My personal wedding playlist:

This is my personal wedding playlist I save for emergencies and dinner parties. Please use at your leisure!

wedding music
Image by Charlie Campey from Tarin + Gareth’s civil partnership celebration we worked together on

Sorting the music for your wedding can be so much fun. If you can, try and start as soon as you can and that way you can just plug away at it slowly and add in songs to your playlists when you hear them around or they come to mind.

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