Beautiful Bridal Headwear Ideas

Gone are the days where your only bridal headwear choices were a veil… and possibly a tiara (thanks Princess Di!). These days, whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional, there are so many gorgeous options out there to choose from. I’ve put together a few of my faves to help you see what’s out there…. I deeply regret not having more on my head on my wedding day! I know that sounds weird, but I kept it very streamlined with a flower comb only instead… I just wish I’d gone a bit bigger, you know, more drama?

Before you set out to find your perfect headwear, it’s a good idea to consider things like how you’d like to have your hair (if you have a firm idea!), whether you want to wear silver or gold jewellery and what else you’re wearing. Of course, you might want to consider florals in your hair or just keeping it simple with a veil, but if you’re looking for statement headwear – I’ve got your back. Here are my picks! 

Celestial Crown

A few years ago, we thought that celestial was just a trend but in one form or another, celestial seems firmly here to stay. I love this crown from Rachel Chaprunne (left) who handmakes headpieces to order. This style is perfect if you’re going for a more whimsical outfit like a floaty or embellished dress. This beauty is also a great luxury option from Tilly Thomas Lux (right).

Pins and Combs

You might be looking for something more understated or a different option for a different evening outfit, in which case a pin or a comb might fit the bill. These ones by Victoria Percival (left) are really pretty and also have a celestial vibe. I also love this gorge set from Tilly Thomas Lux (right) – TTL would have been my headpiece ornament go to, can you tell?? 

Hair Vine

If you’re looking for a more understated headpiece, a hair vine might be the way to go. Hair vines look good with or without a veil. You can get vines which go over the top of the head, like a headband, just like this one (left); a vine which curves around the bottom of the crown like this one (right top) or even one that winds all the way down if you’re styling your hair in a long plait like this one (right bottom). These beauties are all from Liberty in Love. Very GOT-esque and almost romantically medieval.


I absolutely love a headband. From padded 90s style like this one by Ashley Wild Bridal (left) to more minimalist halos like this one from Lace & Favour (right). There are so many beautiful options with headbands, from satin to velvet and embellishments like pearls or sequins, whatever your outfit is, you’ll be able to find one that matches perfectly. I also love the fact that your whole outfit doesn’t have to revolve around it, and you can easily add or remove one to switch up your whole look.

Traditional Tiara

Although there are so many options for headwear, sometimes you can’t beat the original. If you’re wearing a more traditional bridal gown, you might want to consider a traditional tiara. If you’ve been inspired by Royal Weddings, you can really go all out with something sparkly on your head. I’m a big fan of this one by Oliver Laudus.  


Bridal bows can be playful or just downright glam, and of course come in all sorts of gorgeous materials. In my view, the bigger the better when it comes to bows! I love this budget friendly option from Six Stories (left), and this equally purse friendly satin something blue version from Gigi & Olive (right). You might want to incorporate your bow with a veil, which works really well – especially trendy for Vegas weddings at the moment!

Whatever you choose, if you’re getting a pro to style your hair on the day, make sure they know what you’re planning so they can advise you on the best style to compliment your chosen hair adornment.

Looking at all these stunning options has made me want to plan a wedding outfit all over again, anniversary party here I come! Ha!

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