Kate + Chris

Kate + Chris had a fun colour pop wedding, with colour spread lovingly throughout the courtyard of the industrial Islington Metal Works, London.  For balance, Kate wanted her wedding breakfast to be a bit more elegant with accents of silver and white helium balloons filling the room.

Planning, set up, décor, styling and hosting by Devine Bride.

“Can’t begin to thank you and the incredible team for everything yesterday. The whole day was like an actual dream. A million times thank you. xox”


1 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 2 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 3 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 4 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 5 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 6 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 7 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons 8 islington-metal-works-fun-colour-pop-wedding-devine-bride-balloons