Katie + Stephen

Katie + Stephen had a laid-back wedding, planned in under a month, at Islington Town Hall followed by a party reception (with lots of wine!) at The Islington Metal Works.  Katie + Stephen’s two catchphrases were ‘It’s a nice day for a wine wedding’, and, ‘Let’s party bitches’!  Beer pong featured as one of their party games, and it went down a storm!

Planning, set up, décor, styling and hosting by Devine Bride.


A Entrance 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel A Entrance 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Cake 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Cake 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Cake 3 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Cake 4 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Coutyard 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Coutyard 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Coutyard 3 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Coutyard 4 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Coutyard 5 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Details 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Details 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Dining 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Dining 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Dining 3 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Dining 4 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Table plan suitcases 1 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Table plan suitcases 2 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel Table plan suitcases 3 islington-metal-works-wedding-angel


Venue, decor rental + catering: Islington Metal Works
Planning, set up, styling + coordination: Devine Bride