Gift Voucher: DIY Help x 1 Hour


Gift Voucher: DIY Help x 1 Hour


Know a friend in need?  Or maybe you’re the delegated bridesmaid who needs a hand to bring it all together?

Any kind of DIY help you need, from research to craft to admin, I’m here to help!  I also have my own craft kit Plus my wealth of knowledge (from some 120+ weddings and events I have done to date) on what’s worked, what’s not, and what’s fun!

Can be done in person in London zones 1-2 for craft or DIY help, or over Skype or Facetime for admin or electronic DIY.

Session includes:

⭐️ Use/supply of my expert wedding and DIY toolkit; including twine, fishing wire, cable ties, a staple gun… the list goes on!
⭐️ My expert ideas, knowledge, and hands to help!

Once the purchase is made I will be in touch to ask the name of the engaged friend/couple and a personalised PDF will be emailed to you to print at home.

*Expires 12 months from date of purchase.